Food, Dairy & Agriculture Chillers

In the Agriculture and Food Industries, using a liquid cooling medium allows for diverse applications. In fact, the application seems virtually endless for food chillers and dairy chilling.

Oberto uses our Dairy Chillers to cool water for sausage making and Springfield Creamery was expanding and needed a custom food chiller to cool water for Dairy Chilling.

East Earth Herbs uses a custom water cooled unit we designed for them. They use alcohol in their Herb Extraction Process and the Chillers are used to condense the alcohol vapors and recover them back as a liquid allowing for reuse.

We also have Custom Fabricated Food Chillers for cooling fresh produce during field harvesting as well as units for chilling water to a point just above freezing for mixing with clients’ food products.

Give us the opportunity to discuss your Food or Dairy Chiller needs with you and together we can come up with solutions for whatever obstacles you face.