What are some of the basic electrical components of my chiller?

There are 4 different thermostats we’ve used over the years, either as a freeze stat, high temperature alarm, as well as the thermostat that controls your glycol temperature. There’s the Honeywell- 4stage, Dwyer thermostat, Ranco thermostat, and Johnson A419 has been used as a freeze stat in a number of our chillers as well as the Auto Reset Analog Controller with the tab on top for a reset.

There are also breakers and contactors. There is a three phase thermal overload breaker, Single phase- flip up and down- standard breaker for our machines, as well as one of our contactors. There is an alternating relay and a sequencer as well. They alternate between the stages. They give equal run time across the board on all of our units. We have a time delay, typically set to 3 minutes from the factory. This keeps the compressor off for a minimum of three minutes before it can fire again to prevent short cycling in the system. We have our phase and voltage monitor. It monitors the power coming into the unit to ensure there are no brown outs, phase loss or something that that could cause damage to the motors inside the system. This will catch that that and display and faults that occur on the display screen. Our fan cycling switch will be on a 208/240V system, or 2 on a 480V system. It controls when the fans come on and off in system to control pressure inside the refrigeration circuit. Our High Low pressure switch controls when the unit comes on pressure-wise and when it shuts off. It will cut out at high pressure situations. You can reset the high low cut out with the green button on top. These are some of the basic electrical components in the electrical panel or inside your machine. If you have any questions on any of these, please give us a call at the office.