What Are the Electrical Requirements of My Chiller?

There is a spec sticker, factory installed on the every chiller that leaves our facility. Depending on the model number of your chiller and voltage and phase requirement, the spec will change. There is 208-240 volt in single and three phase, the chiller doesn’t care, it will operate anywhere between those voltages. There is also 460-480 volt, three phase. Custom voltages upon request are also a possibility. There is the RLA, which is the run load amps of the machine. There is the MOC, which is the maximum over current protection, or the maximum amps you want to give to your machine. The MCA is the minimum circuit amperage, or the minimum amount of amps you need to supply your machine. The MOC and MCA are what we use to determine the breaker size for your machine, having it be between these two numbers. You want to have a certified electrician verify this information to ensure proper install. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to give us a call, or jump on our website.