John McCoy // general manager

John McCoy started at G&D in 2008 doing anything and everything. He spent the first few years putting in long hours learning the refrigeration trade and worked his way up to G&D’s Shop Foreman. One of the things that John prides himself in is the ability to adapt and build any unit to meet our customers’ chilling needs. Starting from a simple idea and moving to full-blown production and completion is hugely rewarding for John. The greatest challenges he faces day-to-day swing from making small tweaks to formulating entirely new plans, but thinking on his feet is what he believes is the key to moving forward.

When he’s not building custom chillers, John’s an outdoorsman. He loves waterfowl hunting, training his two Labrador retrievers and riding his horses. Without a doubt, John’s hero is his father, who taught him everything he knows about hard work, respect and how to treat people. John’s greatest accomplishment is buying a house at the age of 25.

“People choose G&D because of our cutting-edge design, commitment to service and reliability.”


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