Paul Johnson // chief engineer

Paul Johnson has been working as G&D’s Chief Engineer since 2006 and has shown his commitment to cold since his first day on the job. “From using quality components and testing everything before it goes out the door, we are all perfectionists,” Paul says. “And when something isn’t right, we make a fix and get it done. That type of reliability as a partner is something I’m proud of at G&D.” For the rest of G&D, we depend on Paul’s passionate pursuit of perfection and laser focus on engineering the best chillers out there to help keep us on the cutting-edge.

In his spare time, Paul likes to be outdoors or playing guitar. His ideal vacation would be getting away from the details spending a month playing it by ear in the Caribbean. When asked who his hero is he says, “George Washington because he was honest and humble.”

“We do one thing at G&D: Make our customers’ products cold because they depend on us.”


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